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What’s Holding You Back?

Personal fears can and do affect our personal and business relationships; how we build our businesses, our interactions with others, what kind of people we hire and surround ourselves with… You’ve probably read earlier posts about my personal fears. You’ve heard me say it before .. our success begins on our edge of comfort! Are you comfortable?

If you are working to achieve a milestone or a goal whether it’s to improve your tennis game, run a mile in 10 minutes, or go face to face with a camera doing your first ever video, GET UNCOMFORTABLE!

It’s like trying canned spinach for the first time or split pea soup. Once you get past the “no, I don’t want to try it! What if it’s gross?” So I moved beyond this. Mostly because my Mom made me try it. I did it but I still find both of these things detestable.

All the anxiousness of the terrible taste disappeared. A calmness came over me. I was like. damn, I can’t believe I actually did it yay for me! Man, I’m sure glad that’s over.

Don’t you remember bringing home a report card that had maybe less than satisfactory grades? You got all amped up that your mom and dad were going to be disappointed in you, you’d be grounded or they might take your wheels away… I was a straight-A student btw.

But you get through it.

I vowed to myself in 2019 that I was going to face my fears head-on and blast through every one of them! Guess what? I did! ️

I took on every single fear or obstacle that has held me back since I was little.

‍The past year has been life-altering!

The first thing I did was leave my 6 figure corporate job last June. When I left, I walked on faith alone. ️ No guaranteed paycheck, no clients, very little money!

Then I faced the camera. I did my first ever video. I thought I would share it with you below After that, I took on speaking in front of a group of people sharing about my advisory business.

I was really happy with my presentation I was sick to my stomach with anxiety. I prayed the whole way there. I did great! No tripping over my words, not making sense, no stage fright, or forgetting what I was going to say. BAM! Another one down.

Next, I held my very first training seminar. Guess how many people showed up? Just 1.

But that’s ok. I still presented my training and the attendee was very pleased with the information I shared.

More importantly, I showed up, presented the training and completed it! Regardless of how many people were there, I was there, and I treated it as a success!

One final and maybe the most important change I made was my mindset. I spent so much of my time putting the happiness and wants of others before my own well-being, I was suffering.

Part of this was not standing up for myself and allowing poor treatment from others.

I realized one day, “I don’t have to allow that!” No more disrespect or tolerating pressure put on me by others for the betterment of them when it’s not in my best interest.

Do you know how unbelievably stress relieving and powerful this is? OMG.

Nothing’s getting in my way now! I have a successful business, eliminated my fears and am in control of the respect I deserve to be treated with from others.

New life – here I come!

What actions will you take this year so you too can live your best life?