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We need to know your ENTIRE financial situation.

Your Accountant / Advisor professional should never judge you or your situation…only look for ways to help you.

Maybe your credit is in the toilet and you need an emergency SBA loan…tell us your score so we can help find options.

Maybe you don’t have the 3-6 months of reserves we have been preaching…tell us how much you do have so we can help develop a financial strategy to get your firm though this.

Maybe you are operating in the Red and are hanging by a thread…tell us how upside down you are so we can help take you from Red to Black; getting you back right side up in 30 days.

Above all…ask for help if you are lost right now. Remember, no judgment.

I am doing a few things to help…all are no strings attached and no fee.

  1. Added a resources section to my website.
  2. Offering 30 minute zoom sessions to anyone who needs help. We can go over your numbers, brainstorm on ways to pivot your firm and keep you going.

We are also assisting with the preparation of applying for an SBA loan, performing cash management & forecasting.

We all need help at some point. Our mission is “Profitable Growth thru Integrity, Honesty and Superior Customer Service” In our current situation, supporting and helping each other is how we are going to prevail.

I am doing a few things to help…all are no strings attached and no fee.