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The Game Of Life

If you can do anything you want to in your life to serve others and earn a living, what would you choose?

It starts with the dream! It’s a passion that lights you up inside.

It’s what you imagine and consciously or subconsciously envision while driving to a job you are miserable at, in line at the grocery store, staring out your living room window…

Your unhappy and just truly don’t have a clue why!

We each only get roughly 100 years on this planet. Do what you dream about, not what someone else has dreamed up for you or what you feel you have to do.

We have been programmed all our lives …
Ages 1-5 daycare
6-18 school
18-22 ish or sometimes longer – college, military, straight to a job to earn that money

Then life happens; get married, have kids, pay those darn IRS taxes. Who the heck is FICA anyway? Jerk takes all my money…

So 22-72 ish, working for the MAN
72- ? The Golden Years

The game we play; LIFE absolutely does NOT have to be what Society says it has to be.

Each of us regardless of our monetary status has a choice. We have options!

Are you discontent with your work?
Are you an independent and proactive employee?
Do you like being told what and how to do things when you can figure it out on your own?

If you answer yes, you might be an entrepreneur in disguise.

If you step out of your comfort zone, consider these tips to help you not become a statistic.

Have these things in place before jumping off the dock.

  • 6 – 12 months savings to support living expenses while your starting your business and getting it off the ground A second option is to start small and work your business on the side nights and weekends until you can afford to leave your 9-5
  • Good personal Credit – I know a guy
  • Written Business Plan
  • Establish a relationship with a local reputable bank. I know several
  • Financial Advisor – you should be
    contributing to an IRA, etc. I know several
  • Have adequate capital to start your business!
  • Your Business needs to have a separate checking account
  • Accountant-accurate bookkeeping and accounting is an absolute! Don’t cheap out and attempt on your own. An accountant can help you build projections; a 3-5 year plan. Failing to plan is planning to fail! Advise you how to profit and build equity in your first month of business, provide industry data and guidance on profit margins, operating expenses, payroll, etc
  • Get your service or product in front of your target market. Research how others in your industry are doing it and then do it better
  • As the business owner, work on your business. At the beginning it’s probable you may be working in your business but when daily to do’s are keeping you from focusing on developing new and existing customer relationships, and growing, its time to get help.
    Remember, a good leader will surround themselves with people who are smarter than they are. They enhance your business and can be instrumental in your success.
  • Be proactive! Remember, this is your life’s dream, your excited to share your dream with everyone you meet.
    Get involved in networking opportunities, join organizations such as your local Chamber. Have an online address with an appropriate easy to navigate website! You must have an online presence!
  • Get support! Do not struggle for months thinking you can figure it out. You’ll lose precious ground and delay bringing in revenue.
    What I mean here is, not only an accountant, a consultant or a mentor or someone successful who can guide you through what you don’t know. It truly helps to limit early struggles.

Every business model has specific needs however the above action steps are applicable for all businesses.

Life is a gift, it’s the only one you are going to have. At the end of your life, look back and be able to say, “I am truly blessed to have been able to achieve and love each day. “ NO REGRETS! Live life it for you and on your terms!