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Surviving The COVID-19 Crisis and Beyond

Things you must do to gain momentum!
Business owners and managers have probably never
faced such a period of change such as what we are each experiencing.
But guess what. The clouds are parting We are almost there!
We have 2 choices. #1 we can let the circumstances define 2020. Or we can play the hand we’ve been
given and end the game with a Royal Flush!
What outcome would you prefer?
Do you want to be the victim or the victor?
Success begins on the edge of comfort. You don’t have to go through this alone!
I work one on one with you, providing both financial and business management guidance that will
profoundly change current circumstances into something amazing!
There are 3️ principle areas that management must focus on to survive and prosper in the period of
1. Your valuable formula. Reassess the competitive element that generates profit and sustainable
success for the business.
2. Modify operations. Change the way the business works to adapt quickly to the changed
3. Manage for cash. Establish the absolute priority of cash over profit.
These three principal areas are interrelated and ignoring any one of them will be detrimental to the long-
term success of the business.

So … let’s talk about those three principles real quick.
1. The valuable formula?
This basically is what makes the business successful.
The success of the business is dependent on its business model, and good business models are based on
a valuable formula.
A business model is defined as the combination of four elements; what, who, why, and how.

What products or services you sell?
Who buys them?
Why they buy them?
How you make a profit out of the transaction?
2. Modify operations?
Under this principle you’re going to look at products and services.
For example, the careful management of inventory levels.
A close look at your R&D, and marketing and sales.
You need to take a look at these expenditures to avoid the temptation to just cut back.
A number of activities that don’t cost you anything, can add a significant amount to your marketing efforts.
3. Systems and processes?
Your business should work like a well oiled machine and this comes down to having the right
systems and processes in place.
Do you have a plan of attack to recover the lost revenue?
It’s not to late!
Experience tells me that SUCCESS in business is not a matter of luck. It is clearly DEFINING your goals,
PLAN the actions that need to be taken, and EXECUTE!
PLAN action steps
Let me share a quick success story with you. I have a client that was just getting by, content, but had lost
the dream and desire in their heart of what they were creating and working towards.
Paycheck to paycheck, scraping by, no retirement savings, and no plan to break the cycle.
We began working together. Just two hours into our initial planning session, I saw their eyes light up like a
kid getting an ice cream cone at a Dairy Queen!
In just this short time, they found that lost passion, reignited their dream of success, and took back control
of their circumstances!!
Six months later, sales increased 24%
New revenue streams were being created and implemented!
Business processes in place and efficiencies well on their way!

Not just for the business. But for their LIFE!
What I helped this client achieve is my dream as a Business Advisor and Accountant.
Helping another person find their purpose. To be successful. To have their cake and eat it too!
Together we can do the same for you and your business!
Schedule a free initial appointment! Get it on your calendar and take the leap of faith. Take that 1️st step!
Do it today!
Let’s turn 2020 into something you can look back on and say… we went through the most difficult and
worse circumstances EVER and we not only survived, 2020 turned out to be LIFE CHANGING ‼️
I am a Profitability and Growth Advisor. I work with small to medium business owners to make a significant
difference in their income, improve operations, and often as a result, the value of the business increases.
What obstacles might you be facing in your business right now? Schedule a free session with me! Let’s
work together to get you on your way to maximizing your money!

Always an honor and pleasure,

Donna M. Febus, MSA
Profitability & Growth Advisor & Accountant
Integrity Accounting & Tax, LLC
121 E Centennial Drive, Zillah, WA 98953
Phone: (509) 895-9730