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Streamlining back-office operations in Construction


Is a high-level view of the project. Each step will have its own detailed actions and may require its own sub-project plan. **

1. Current Process Analysis

a. Accounting Functions – Review and understand all existing accounting procedures, including how they are executed and who is responsible for each task.

b. Claims & Claims Accruals – Investigate the present mechanism for handling claims, including how claims are processed (all steps including who handles each operation), and are accrued for.

c. Credit Card Charges – Examine the process of handling credit card transactions, including authorization, charging, dispute resolution, and reconciliation. Develop a SOP.

d. Commissions & Commission Accruals – Analyze the commission structure, calculation, and accrual process.

Understand how and when commissions are paid out. Understand current commission accrual process and identify any improvements to the process.


2. Software Review

a. Current Sofware Evaluation – Understand the software currently in use. Identify its strengths and weaknesses. Assess how well it supports the existing processes.

b. Software Gap Analysis – Evaluate what the existing software is not capable of doing that may be needed for the business.

Understand any limitations it has and the impact on business operations.


3. Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) Development

a. Accounting SOP – Develop a comprehensive SOP for accounting, defining roles, responsibilities, and processes.

b. Claims and Claims Accruals SOP – Define a process for managing claims, from inception to resolution, including the accrual process.

c. Credit Card Charges SOP – Establish a protocol for handling all aspects of credit card transactions, including disputes and reconciliation.

d. Commissions and Commissions Accruals SOP – Understand current process, outline a clear process for commission calculations, and accruals.


4. Software

a. Understand the flow of each software the business is currently using.

b. Based on the software gap analysis, suggest enhancements to the existing software or propose the implementation of new software to better meet the needs of the business.

c. Implement any newly developed SOPs and software enhancements or replacements.


5. Review & Continuous Improvement

a. Review the implementation of the SOPs and software enhancements or replacements after a set period.

b. Implement continuous improvement processes to ensure SOPs and software keep pace with changes in business needs.