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New Found Energy & Hope

My spiritual thoughts and encouragement is my message today. You may agree or disagree but I’m ok with that. Either way, it’s a piece of my heart and who I am.

What we want or set out to accomplish in life – do it with a humble heart and serve the Lord. Whatever your plans, pray unceasingly and ask for guidance.

Lord, is the path I’m on your will? Am I in alignment with your plans for me? God, I’m thinking of taking this action, can you help me to know if this is what you want me to do? Show me your will so I can serve you.

Friends, I’ve prayed this many times over. Romans 15-13. I pray that God, the source of hope, will fill you completely with joy and peace because you trust in him. Then you will overflow with confident hope through the power of the Holy Spirit.

A year’s time before I left my job, I didn’t quit until I 100% knew without a doubt that my path was God led. I have had the verse above taped to my computer screen for years. You know, it has only been a year or so since I truly truly resonated and felt the peace of God.

I mention this because through the past 9 months, yes I’ve struggled. I’ve struggled to get business. I’ve had some health setbacks. I’ve dealt once again with depression.

But even among all the turmoil, self-limiting beliefs, fears, I truly had and have the unimaginable peace of God.

My faith, trust, and hope in God has been my rock. I have known since I started this journey that all of the steps into the unknown we’re going to produce good works, and my family and I were going to succeed.

Why, because I turned my entire life over to the Lord! I have faith and peace. Gave it all to him. It was and is such a burden off of me. His timing is perfect!

Hope in him has given me patience and peace because I know the promises of Our Lord never go unfulfilled.

I know without a doubt he is going to bring the right people to me, who need me, and I need them. Those relationships will be perfect and true.

I have several conversations every week. Many don’t work out. I don’t think they are supposed to. Although I may feel disappointed, I let it go and know it’s meant not to.

Honestly, this helps me to not worry, not question what I’m doing. I simply keep going.

Do you go through a lot of potential customers before you connect with one who is a good fit for you?


  1. Don’t ever give up hope! Put your life, wants, and desires in his hands. Ask for his will to be done and put on your heart to be content and at peace with his plan.
  2. Remember, God tells us his plans for us are so much more than we could possibly even imagine.
  3. God bless! I know you can do this! If it is what your heart wants, make the decision to be 100% all-in.
  4. Mindset of abundance! Raise your vibration. Serve others with a grateful heart.
  5. Share your knowledge to help others. Don’t keep it to yourself. There is much joy in lifting others up.
  6. Revisit your own business plan, business, and personal goals. Don’t have one? Make one! You will literally have to try to fail.

If you don’t know how or where to start, invest in yourself by finding someone who does know how and can lead you.

Failing to plan is planning to fail. Put a plan together and turn it over.