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Meeting My Needs

For me, it’s helping others! Solving a problem for someone, helping them over hurdles and barriers holding them back from achieving their goals.

When I am denied an opportunity to help another, I feel depressed, I struggle, I lose passion, I feel as if I am failing because I know in my heart how much I may be able to help them move past what is blocking their path to more freedom and enjoyment in their work.

My feelings make complete sense to me. It’s my needs not being met when I am denied the opportunity to take away someone’s pain or to help them. It hurts me internally because I am not being allowed to serve.

I learned that my love language is acts of kindness so it only makes sense that I perhaps find joy in doing acts of kindness for others.

I find passion through helping people. It stands to reason that if someone chooses to not work with me, my internal need is not being met. ️ what a revelation to me today!

The ironic part of this is that serving others is in no way ever about me! It is always about the one who I want to serve.