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Look In The Mirror & Repeat After Me

It’s possible that we each have some form of fear whether we are conscious of it or not.

Over the years of my career, I have worked through several conscious fears & self-limiting beliefs

  • Afraid of not having a secure job
  • The comfort of a secure paycheck
  • Afraid to speak in front of people
  • Afraid to make videos to post on social media
  • Fear of what I needed to do to meet people, network, take initiative and be bold
  • Fear of speaking to groups
  • Having one on one meetings with clients,
  • Not being smart enough to be a “real” accountant
  • Not having all the answers…

Mostly because I was consciously aware that I was afraid that people would judge me.

I kept going further in school because I was convinced achieving the next degree would make me smart and I could be proud of myself.

First it was an AA

Then the Bachelor Degree in Business Management/Accounting. ‍

Still wasn’t good enough even though I had successfully run a few small businesses, and secured a Controllership position with a $70mil corporation.

Then I had to get a Masters in Accountancy.

Fear and negative thoughts and unbelief in myself were still there I was asking myself the same questions.

What if I didn’t know the answer to a question immediately? So what! One of my coaches told me “no one expects you to know everything.”

Hearing those words helped me in so many ways! I felt lighter like I was off the hook for meeting the impossible status of being a know it all.

I was freed. I did a lot of praying, reading books, hypnosis, counseling & found a few coaches.

Today, I’m like this new person who feels as if I have the ability to help anyone with anything!

I love ️ to share what I know with others. I believe sharing a little about what I know about best business practices or personal struggles adds value to my friends.

One main truth I learned a few months ago while attending a symposium for Advisors is that my fears were normal. 

I wasn’t alone in my fears. I found out that most people have the same thoughts I had. I became relieved. I wasn’t a loser who was going to fail! I simply needed to believe in me!

It’s incredible how life has changed for me. I have gotten out of my own way.

When I work with or speak to a client or potential client, I focus on them. What we meet and talk about, is not about me! It’s about them! It’s about you!

Get out of your own way, face what your afraid of and take back your power!

You are only limited by your beliefs in yourself. If you can dream it, you can achieve it!

Do you need someone to speak life into you? Do you need someone to show you that you are good enough just the way you are?

Look in the mirror and repeat after me…

  • You are amazing
  • You are talented
  • You are smart
  • You are successful
  • You are enough just the way you are
  • You are loved ️