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It’s All In Your Head

Mine tends to flip-flop through the turmoil that our country is in.

My mindset seems to depend on the day’s activity and what takes place. The things I see or don’t see. Things I hear or don’t hear. If I have a wonderful conversation with someone or they choose to not show up.

Clients rescheduling for a few months later or choosing not to come on board. Setbacks and disappointments are normal no matter what crisis is going on or economic activity we are experiencing.

As a business owner, you know every day can twist you up or down. It’s part of the game.

Consider your current state of mind. Positive or negative? Positive in = positive out! It’s a universal fact! Maybe you feel this time is different. It isn’t. Think back. You will see this period in time is the same as any other. Only the circumstances are different.

My opinion is two-fold: knee jerk reactions to combat an unplanned crisis, and businesses are trying to thrive in a market full of uncertainty. In those knee jerk reactions and trying to thrive in uncertainty are fears of commitment. Fears of an unknown future.

Part of the enjoyment of knowing you’re not alone in these thoughts is a game changer! Investing in a consultant is a game changer! But this introduces a fear for you, doesn’t it?

Is this person for real? Are they a scammer? I’ve gotten screwed in the past by others and I don’t want that to happen again. Can they really help me do what they say they can do? I don’t want to make a costly error in judgment, my family and employees are counting on me.

Business owners across the US and across the Globe are each experiencing something different.

Some are experiencing mass cancellations and financial pain. And yet on the other side of the pendulum are others who are experiencing mass sales and the best sales ever! Thriving!

  • As a business owner, what are you learning through all of this?
  • Are you learning that it’s vitally important to save for tomorrow?
  • Are you learning that managing Cash is an absolute must?

Regardless of past practices keep moving forward positively. Keep seeking new customers, stay connected to current or past customers. You can’t go back and change the past but you can change your future.

This is the perfect time to analyze your business. This is an opportunity to really dig in and sure up your business so it runs like a well-oiled machine.

  • Update your business plan
  • Identify your goals
  • Do your internal business processes fit your business model
  • Put an action plan in place – hang it on the wall, share it with employees, get feedback, work the plan.

Failing to plan is planning to fail.

If you need or want guidance, invest in it! Business Advisors know exactly how to work side by side with you to guide you to success.

Book an appointment just to talk to one. All you invest in is a few minutes of your time.

I can’t show you how to WANT success, but I can show you HOW TO GET IT!

At the end of 2019, I had been working with one of my small business owner clients for about 6 months. They wanted to break into the 6 figure mark. They had never in 12 years in business achieved this goal.

In those 6 months, working together, they were able to increase their income by 24%! That sales increase didn’t just get them to their desired goal, they passed it by several thousand dollars!

My philosophy is you should receive a greater return than the investment!

Improve your business – work with a Profitability Advisor. It’s an investment you will be glad you made.