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Is It Meant For You

I remember a constant feeling of dread. My thoughts would wander all over on my 20-minute drive.

I remember Sunday’s and the anxiety that came before Monday mornings.

I remember pulling into the parking lot one day and thinking, “I can’t do this anymore.”

I remember feeling like I was drowning. Like there was no way out.

I was in a job with (a few) toxic coworkers, extreme stress, a wonderful team working for me and a great boss, and absolutely NO control over my life. My 50/60 hour work weeks took my quality of life away.

I hated it. I truly did. I wanted more. I wanted to do more than just survive. I wanted to thrive! Live life on my terms!

For some people, a traditional, 9-5 job fulfills them. They find happiness in this work.

There’s stability and contentment – ESPECIALLY if they’re passionate about what they do.

But for others, it’s suffocating.

It’s a dark place that drains them every day.

And to spend 40 plus hours a week going to this place is suffocating.

For those of us like that, there is NO CHOICE but to find a way out.

We have to make sacrifice after sacrifice to WORK FOR OURSELVES. To follow the dream that is in our heart to live.

To climb, fight, and push our way to success ON OUR TERMS, not on what the world says we should be doing!

For those of you like that, listen to your heart ️ allow yourself to dream and take action to make it happen!

This life of freedom you desire…

If you can dream it, you can achieve it!

And the reason you feel so trapped in your job is because IT’S NOT MEANT FOR YOU.

Don’t fight it. Don’t try to justify it. Don’t rationalize it.

TRUST it? Trust that voice deep inside you. Don’t listen to those self-limiting beliefs and fear. These are lies, stop speaking them to yourself.

TRUST that this feeling is guiding you to something better and healthier.


To the place that will bring you JOY and HAPPINESS. Which is what life is all about.

I absolutely love my life now, and I know how lucky I am to be able to say that. My life is truly God led. I have faith and trust because I believe God will provide and exceed my dreams for me. His word tells me so.

But if it’s possible for me, it’s possible for you, too.

Seek and live your dream. We each have only about 100 years on this planet. Live with no regrets! Don’t look back and say, I wish I would have…