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How To Get Clients On Social Media

Many struggle and plain give up because their actions are not working. You quit before you get started.

I’m here to tell you it works! But, as you know from being in business, there is a structured process to seeing a return on your investment of time.

If you own ANY type of business, you KNOW social media is a MUST.

Get on this train! It’s a $$ freeway for marketing who you are and what you have to offer. Your reach can be incredible.

The problem is most people don’t know how to utilize it correctly.

Here are some top tips I’ve learned using only organic strategies:

  1. SHOW UP CONSISTENTLY. You know it. I know it. EVERYONE knows it. You HAVE to show up consistently to get consistent results.
    There are no alternatives. Effort In = ROI
    Here’s why: consistency out equals consistency in.
    I notice almost immediately when I’m not showing up enough. My interactions drop, I’m not having opportunities to offer advice or develop relationships.
    Face and bust through ANY confidence issues or fears of “what if so and so says something” and show up as who you are
  2. WRITE EVERY POST DIRECTLY TO YOUR IDEAL CLIENT. People often say to me, “Your posts just speak to me.” “Thank you for posting this.” “Your suggestions are helpful to me, thank you.” There’s a reason for that…

Because every post I write, I start by trying to consider my ideal client.

What are they struggling with right now?
What kind of help do they need?
How can I emotionally connect with them?
Your ideal client provides a focus for your thoughts and contributions Doing this one thing alone will massively help your writing and engagement.