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Hiding In The Garden

You know, being an entrepreneur and put yourself out there. It’s hard a lot of the time to step out of your comfort zone.

New business owners and even seasoned professionals are in a daily mindset struggle.

We fight the stress of preparing for a meeting, only to be stood up. When you do get to finally speak to them, you face the stress of being self-conscious, anxious if they will realize the value of what you have to offer.

Will you say the right thing? Will you ask the right questions? Did I explain it right? Give the right answers?

We fight the stress of being able to perform in our profession to meet and exceed client expectations.

You start freaking out about details that haven’t even happened yet. Your imagination runs wild and fear takes over!

When we are controlled by fear, our self-limiting beliefs are wild and free to roam about the cabin. ️

I learned recently that at a point every one of us has self-limiting beliefs that hold us back. I learned that I wasn’t alone in how I felt. Oddly this helped a lot!
Because I knew I was not the only one.
I wasn’t dumb, incapable, or not knowledgeable enough about my profession and so on.

Do you experience blocks holding you back? Join an accountability group, a mentor, or both. ️ Communicating with others, lifting each other up boosts confidence and helps us move past those barriers that are blocking our freedom to be who we are, believing in ourselves, and keeping us prisoner in our own minds.

We are not alone. You are not alone. The amazing thing about social media is we have tons of caring people supporting each other.

Fear is not real. It’s nothing! Don’t believe it! Stand up to it! Look at it right in its face and tell it to get out!
I guarantee you that if I can stand in my power and kick self-limiting beliefs, You can too!
Do it today!

2020 is your year. Break those chains and start living that freedom ️I AM and I’m looking for you to join me.