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Do you want to take back control of your mindset?

It’s a matter of making a choice to force a shift in mindset.

As the weeks have passed and our situations have either stayed stagnant, grown or completely tanked, we absolutely have to get back on the horse and keep riding!

You know what they say, “you fall off, don’t give up, get back on that horse and keep trying.

”Winners NEVER quit and quitters NEVER win!”

How do I do that you ask?

I’m going to share with you how I have beat my own self-limiting beliefs and shifted my mindset from one of scarcity to a mindset of abundance.

Last fall I attended a business advisory symposium and do you know what I learned?

I learned that I am not special! HUGE revelation!

Everyone in that room which equated to roughly 70 other Accountants, had the same feelings and thoughts I struggled with.

You say, “so what, who cares.” “I don’t think that about myself.” Get humble! Lose that pride! Self- reflection is powerful!

Every one of us has self-limiting beliefs that are holding us back from moving forward.

What are yours? Find a quiet place and get real with yourself. You have to get honest with yourself, put your pride aside, and expose those thoughts and feelings you are embarrassed for anyone else to know because you think you will look like a loser, or a failure and not who you want others to see you as.

I guarantee, you won’t be alone, and are not alone! Those around you are having the same thoughts. They too are afraid to let their guard down and have that come to Jesus’ conversation with themselves or a professional who can help them.

I know! I was that person. It wasn’t an ego thing for me, but it was self-confidence and believing in myself and what I was capable of.

Now, let’s get down to the details of how you can beat this…

1. Write down on a piece of paper your fears, doubts, limiting beliefs, and limiting stories you have been telling yourself.

2. Reverse the beliefs you listed in #1. For example, one of my fears was “I am afraid of failing.” I changed this belief to “I will succeed!” Another one? “I am not convinced I am worth what I charge for the services I provide.” I changed this belief to “I am worth premium pricing. I have years of education and experience and know I can help serve others by showing them how to be successful – adding tremendous value to each relationship I build.

3. Start every day with an action plan to get you to a place of having “an attitude of gratitude.”

4. Empowering beliefs: what empowering beliefs will you choose today? I am choosing to believe … I can do it… I know that I can… I am going to be successful at …

5. Identity Affirmations: Who are you? What are you known for? What do you provide? When you show up, I am a … what? When people hear your name, what do they think of? What message are they going to share about you? Is it positive, negative… What do you want them to think of when they hear your name?

6. Visualize and Emotionalize your desired reality. Picture in your mind what it is that you want, where you want to be. What does that look like? How does it feel?

Write all of this down and work through this process every day. Thoughts and feelings will change. Keep your thoughts current – keep writing, keep a journal…

Work on these 6 mindset shift techniques daily. I guarantee your mindset will shift from negative to positive! You will be unstoppable no matter the hurdle, no matter the obstacle or circumstances.

No one can save you from yourself. You have to put in the work. It is all you! COMMAND & CONTROL your future.

What are your desired goals? Money, freedom, have time to focus on working on your business to support growth, work less to spend time with your family, take vacations, reduce stress, quality of life?

What is the impact of success for you?

1. What can you gain from reaching your desired goals?
a. Financial freedom rather than living paycheck to paycheck
b. Set your own schedule
c. Build your business by working on it, not in it
d. See and spend more time with loved ones; kids, spouses…
e. Take a vacation to rest your mind, reenergize
f. Find a work/life balance to have a healthy quality of life What is the impact of doing nothing and staying on your current path?

1. What is going to happen if you maintain the course you are on?
a. Working excessive hours
b. Missing family activities like soccer games, t-ball, other milestones, sitting at the table having dinner together, or having pancakes on a Saturday morning c. Worried about money and how you are going to keep a roof over your head, buy food, or that needed equipment
d. No time for you to live and do what you enjoy
e. No balance, feelings of nothing to look forward to

Business Mastery Advisory is more than just about sharing how much money you have and if you can make payroll and telling you to do this or that.

It is investing in a relationship with someone who can help define your business & personal goals, gain clarity, structure a road-map and build action items to move forward.

Don’t just build a plan to succeed. Work the plan and succeed.

My role as an advisor helps bring life to your business. As a team, we dream sculpt your desired reality and help you turn that dream into a reality.

Schedule a free call today. Let us share some insights with you – our treat!

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