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Happiness & Quality Of Life

Our Blog Call Now Happiness & Quality Of Life Does happiness and quality of life rank in your life? Do you consider your QOL in your decision making? I can always tell when interacting with people where they are at in their lives based on how they treat me. Whether I’m working with a business […]

Internal Struggles

Our Blog Call Now Internal Struggles Every one of us has something we personally fight within our lifetime. When it affects our work or self-improvement such as building a business or furthering your education, we refer to this as self-limiting beliefs. We all have them! You are not alone! I had such a revelation about […]

How To Get Clients On Social Media

Our Blog Call Now How To Get Clients On Social Media Many of us use social media to connect with people and share about what we do. Many struggle and plain give up because their actions are not working. You quit before you get started. I’m here to tell you it works! But, as you […]

What’s Holding You Back?

Our Blog Call Now What’s Holding You Back? What’s holding you back? Something always seems to be a stumbling block in our path in this life. Personal fears can and do affect our personal and business relationships; how we build our businesses, our interactions with others, what kind of people we hire and surround ourselves […]

Hiding In The Garden

Our Blog Call Now Hiding In The Garden Sometimes I feel like Eve, hiding in the Garden because I feel naked and exposed. You know, being an entrepreneur and put yourself out there. It’s hard a lot of the time to step out of your comfort zone. New business owners and even seasoned professionals are […]

It’s In The Eye Of The Beholder

Our Blog Call Now It’s In The Eye Of The Beholder This morning I was sharing with a friend of mine… My approach working with clients is different from the traditional accounting firm. It’s not always a fit, but when it is, the relationship can have profound positive effects for the business and personally for […]

Meeting My Needs

Our Blog Call Now Meeting My Needs What brings you life and gives you passion? For me, it’s helping others! Solving a problem for someone, helping them over hurdles and barriers holding them back from achieving their goals. When I am denied an opportunity to help another, I feel depressed, I struggle, I lose passion, […]

Look In The Mirror & Repeat After Me

Our Blog Call Now Look In The Mirror & Repeat After Me Are you afraid of being successful? It’s possible that we each have some form of fear whether we are conscious of it or not. Over the years of my career, I have worked through several conscious fears & self-limiting beliefs Afraid of not […]

The Game Of Life

Our Blog Call Now The Game Of Life Being successful as a small business owner begins with your heart. If you can do anything you want to in your life to serve others and earn a living, what would you choose? It starts with the dream! It’s a passion that lights you up inside. It’s […]

Is It Meant For You

Our Blog Call Now Is It Meant For You I remember CRYING some days on the way into work… so depressed and feeling trapped. I remember a constant feeling of dread. My thoughts would wander all over on my 20-minute drive. I remember Sunday’s and the anxiety that came before Monday mornings. I remember pulling […]